Bjorn Ulfson

Space Wolf Grey Hunter.


Name: Bjorn Ariksson
Chapter: Space Wolves
Speciality & Rank: Grey Hunter (Tactical) Rank 2
Past Event: The Great Hunt
Personal Demeanor: Gregarious
Chapter Demeanor: Sons of Russ
Power Armour History: A Fury Like Lightning, MK8 Elements(Chest)
WS 50* BS 50* Str 50* T 50* Ag 45(60) Int 35 Per 40 WP 50** Fel 50**
Movement: Wounds: 18
Skills: Awareness, Carouse +10, Ciphers(Chapter Runes), Climb, Command, Common Lore(Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War), Concealment, Dodge, Drive(Ground Vehicle), Forbidden Lore(Xenos), Literacy, Navigation(Surface), Scholastic Lore(Codex Astartes), Silent Move, Speak Language(High Gothic, Low Gothic), Tactics(Recon & Stealth), Tracking +20
Talents: Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses(Hearing, Sight, Smell), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance(Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Counter Attack, Deathwatch Training, Hunter of Aliens, Mighty Shot
Traits: Unnatural Strenght (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Bolter Mastery
Armour: MK6 “Corvus” Pattern Power Armor
Gear: Exeptional Bionic Respiratory System, Exeptional Bionic Heart,
Abilities: Wolf Senses,

TOTAL XP: 18,650
XP SPENT: 17,500


What is your homeworld like?

Fenris is a harsh world that breeds harsh people. However we also know how to have fun, perhaps because we like to appreciate life on a world where a man could so easily die. When there are so many dangers present: freezing cold, feral beasts howling in the darkness and snowstorms and the sharp axes of rival tribes a man is forged who can fully live his life. We fight, we work, we drink and then we fight again. It was a boxing and drinking contest in my village when i was selected to join the Vlka Fenryka. A Wolf-Priest suddenly entered the meadhall and announced that there will be a contest. After three nights of drinking and fighting the Priest and I were the only people able to stand straight. After that I left my frozen village and became a Space Wolf.

What Is your personality like?

Usually I am the merriest of the bunch. I drink, I laugh and i swear, a lot. Also, unlike most of the Astartes I am usually concerned with the lives of ordinary humans and I don’t like to waste them needlessly. Regural humans fear me as they fear all Astartes but at least they don’t tremble and stutter when they talk to me.

Why were you selected for the deathwatch?

I was the sole survivor of my squad after the Defense of Finnick III. A Genestealer Cult took the planet over and few squads of Space Wolves were sent to help the Guard restore the order and clean the infestation. After months of fighting in severs and tunnels of the Finnicus Hive we were drawn into a trap and besieged by the Genestealer beasts for a week. I was the only survivor and was recruited for my experience with Tyranids.

What does the Deathwatch mean to you?

This is just another way to serve the Allfather and the Imperium of Man. However the threat we fight requires less dabbling in politics.

What do you desire?

A good fight, a good death. Tankard of Mjod will also be nice from time to time.

What do you hate?

Tyranids. Liars. Politicians.

Bjorn Ulfson

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